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    Kat Von D Lash Liner Review

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    I was excited and a bit apprehensive when I heard Kat Von D had come out with a long lasting liner for the waterline. I have very watery eyes and have spent a crazy amount of money trying o find a product that works.

    *I did not receive any type of compensation for this review.*


    There is a learning curve to the application process, it takes some practice. You have to hold the applicator almost sideways and dab it on the waterline, then hold your lid out until the liner sets (aprox. 15 seconds) or it will get in your eye. I recommend watching the tutorial on Katvondbeauty.com


    This lash liner is so worth the money!! I put it on in the morning and 12 hours later it was still on, no raccoon eyes. This has never happened before.

    Have you tried it yet?


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    How To Get Rid of Head Lice Chemical Free


    t’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about back to school prep, I’m talking about that dreaded letter that comes home, the one that starts Dear parent/s a student in your child’s class has head lice. As you read further down the letter panic set in, your head starts to itch, then you holler for your kids, so you can immediately do a head check. If you’re anything like me, you will obsessively check their heads and your own for hours multiple times a day.

    A few years ago, to which I refer to as the summer of hell, myself and one of my kids got it. Of course, I instantly ran to the drugstore dropped a butt load of money on lice shampoo and lice spray for the furniture. I washed my child’s hair and then my own. I spent hours upon hours nit picking and vacuuming the house. The next day my head itched horribly, worse than before we discovered the lice. I had my husband check my head and there were sores and burns on my scalp. Over the next few days my hair started to fall out.


    The shampoo we used said you needed to do another treatment in seven to ten days, by that time a third of my hair had fallen out. There was no way in hell I was going to put that stuff on my head again. I spent hours on the internet scouring for a natural remedy that wouldn’t kill what was left of my hair. I was reading through blogs and someone had left a comment about their home remedy. (insert credit here, too bad I didn’t write her name down.) She recommended slathering your hair with conditioner. Any brand will do. (I used an 88-cent bottle) Really cake it in there I used at least a third of a bottle. After you have greased up cover your head with a plastic shower cap for 15-20 minutes. This will smother the lice and kill them. It works I promise.

    I was skeptical too. For proof I plugged my bathtub then rinsed all the conditioner out, I used a flashlight and inspected the water. Sure, enough there were dead lice in there. Now this method won’t get rid of the nits (eggs) you will still have to pick them out by hand. We did the conditioner treatment every day for two weeks, in order to get rid of any lice that may have hatched out of a nit we missed. It worked beautifully, not only did it get rid of the lice, but the conditioner treatments made my hair so soft and shiny.


    Do you have any home remedies for lice?
    Have a great school year and I hope you won’t ever need to use this post.

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